The use of chains to keep the chain from premature wear must be properly lubricate the chain and above all to ensure constant lubrication for the duration of his life.
And ' essential that a sufficient amount of lubricant is always present in the joints.
In the case of high speed or high pressure on the joints to ensure a circulation of lubricant required for the discharge of debris and cooling function of the chain.
It is recommended to lubricate the chain or forced circulation , splash, drip where there are very low speeds .

Where there is no opportunity to properly lubricate the chain there are several of the solid lubricants which allow a proper lubrication :
- Colloidal graphite ;
- Molybdenum disulphide .

In cases where the lubrication is absolutely unfavorable we can supply chains with self-lubricating bushes in plastic material or sintered impregnated .

For years, we collaborate with several leading companies in order to better study the initial lubrication of the chain.

As before we can propose different lubricating grease:


Oil lubrication type STRUCTOVIS KLUEBER mineral type solventizzato with high adhesive power with operating temperatures from -5 ° C to 120 ° C.





belliniLubrication with oilo type SYNLUBE BELLINI totally synthetic, is characterized by an excellent resistance to oxidation, at temperatures below 200 ° C and by a very high ability to adhere to metal surfaces, even in the presence of strong centrifugal forces.



Interflon logoLubricant oil Interflon Fin Lube TF for professional use, multi-functional with Teflon ® micronized and polarized, clean, does not allow? Adhesion of dirt, dust and other abrasives. It forms a tenacious lubricating film of high durability which greatly reduces the? Wear of moving parts.